I originally sought care at Elite Chiropractic for herniated discs. The pain was excruciating and I had lost range of motion. Because of the excellent care I received I now have full range of motion and I am pain free. I would recommend Elite Chiropractic to any

– Terry MacArthur

“My body has taken a lot of impact and survived many crashes. About ten years ago I landed square on my head. I was left with a pinching in my back and a numbness that would go down my arm to my fingers. Through the years I have gone to several different Doctors for relief, but to no avail. That is until I began working with Dr. Layton. He has been a true God send for me. Thank you, Dr Layton!”

– Jillian Vogtli

“Dr. Wimmer has helped maintain my back for the physical demand of my profession. I haven’t had any issues with my back since I started care with Dr. Wimmer.”

-Chris SellarsProfessional Dancer

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