Muscle Activation Therapy Utah

In the simplest terms, muscle activation is a method of identifying and treating muscular imbalances. You see, when a muscle can’t contract properly, pain and muscle dysfunction are the most common results.

This is where muscle activation comes into play.

Our muscle activation therapy begins with a two-step evaluation process. First, we perform an evaluation that determines the range of motion of each of your joints.

This evaluation will identify problems with a joint’s range of motion, which is a common sign of a muscular imbalance. Such an imbalance cause the other muscle group to have to work that much harder, and can also cause other musculoskeletal problems.

Once we’ve identified which joints and muscles may not be performing at ideal levels, we move on to step two of the process. In step two we measure the strength of the muscles in the suspect areas to determine if the problem is a neurological one or a physiological one.

Now that the source and location of the problem have been identified, we can begin the process of muscle activation therapy. This therapy also a two-step process.

Step one consists of focused isometric exercises targeting the affected muscles. These isometric exercises effectively “activate” the weaker muscle, triggering a process of growth and strengthening that will effectively repair the muscle imbalance.

Once the isometric portion of the therapy is complete, a series of weight-bearing exercises will be initiated to further improve the strength of that muscle group and help to re-integrate it into the body’s natural movement patterns.

And that is muscle activation, in a nutshell. If you are suffering from joint or muscle pains, or have noticed a “weak side” when working, exercising, or playing sports, you may very well benefit from our muscle activation therapy.

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