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As chiropractors, we perform a ton of back pain treatments, but there are a number of other conditions we treat as well. We can provide treatment for the following:


Many people hear chiropractor and think we only treat back pain, but that is far from the truth. Chiropractors are trained to treat a wide variety of soft tissue, joint and musculoskeletal disorders, from back and neck pain to hip, knee, and ankle pain.

We approach most treatments by first making sure the spine is in alignment, and then by ensuring that the other afflicted areas are functioning properly. Then, once the physiological problems have been addressed, we work with you to develop a plan for preventative care (exercise, nutrition, proper lifting, and posture, etc.)

In addition to our standard chiropractic services, we also offer a full-service exercise therapy and rehabilitation center in our office to treat a variety of work and sports-related injuries.

If you’ve been injured on the job, playing sports, or in an automobile accident, we can help you to recover faster and with less pain than would otherwise be possible. We accept a variety of insurance providers, so the actual cost to you for this physical therapy may be very little.

All of our services are preceded by a thorough examination and consultation to determine exactly what is wrong, and the best treatment or sequence of treatments to fix it. Our initial consultation is always free, and we look forward to the opportunity to help you enjoy a better quality of life.

If you feel that our services may be a good fit for your situation, simply call the number above or fill out this short form and we’ll be in contact with you shortly! If you have any additional questions, our chiropractic FAQ and our Chiropractic Myths pages may be of interest.

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