Headache Treatment

Let’s be blunt…headaches make life miserable. From spinal headaches and tension headaches to migraine headaches and beyond, there are few things that make life more uncomfortable than a bad headache. Luckily, there is an effective headache treatment available.

There are, unfortunately, over 300 different causes of headaches. Luckily, however, the vast majority of headaches are caused by just a few problems:

  • Post-traumatic – as a result of trauma to the neck or head, whiplash being a common cause
  • Muscle tension – caused by spasms in the upper back and neck
  • Cervicogenic – related to neck problems

You see, as chiropractors, we treat a wide variety of chiropractic conditions, from work injuries to back pain. Since most headaches are caused by neck and back problems, chiropractors have successfully provided effective, safe, long-term relief from the pain and suffering associated with headaches.

Chiropractic services are so effective at headache treatment that roughly 25% of all new chiropractic patients are seeing a chiropractor because of headaches.

In addition to treatment to alleviate the headaches, we will also teach you tips and tricks to avoid headaches in the future. A few of the things that can help to prevent headaches are:

  • Regular Spinal Checkups
  • Proper Posture
  • Effective Stress Management
  • Exercise
  • Proper Nutrition and Diet

If you are following our headache prevention tips, and your headaches are still occurring, nutritional counselling may make a difference. If the headaches still continue, there may be a more severe underlying problem and you may need to seek the services of a neurologist to be on the safe side.

We offer all new patients a free consultation to determine the best method for their headache treatment. If you would like to receive a free consultation, simply call the number at the top of this page or fill out this short form, and we will contact you shortly.

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