Subluxations, also known as Vertebral Subluxation Complex, are at the very core of chiropractic medicine. A subluxation is a vertebra that lost its normal motion and/or position in relation to the surrounding vertebrae. When vertebrae no longer function properly it generates what we call mechanical stress.

This stress, unfortunately, causes increased wear and tear on ligaments, joints discs, spinal muscles, and other tissues. The result is pain, tenderness, decreased mobility, inflammation, spasms, and more. Not a good situation to be in!

Luckily for you, our elite chiropractors are specially trained to fix precisely this kind of problem. There are 5 known components to vertebral subluxations, as follows:

  • Pathophysiology – Deals with bio-chemical spinal changes, such as inflammation-causing chemicals produced by injured tissues.
  • Neuropathology – Deals with irritation of and injury to spinal nerve roots. Can be caused by compression, chemical irritation, or stretching.
  • Myopathology – Deals with changes to spinal musculature. Things such as spasming, weakness, improper functioning, fibrosis, or even hypertonicity.
  • Kinesiopathology – Loss of motion as it relates to other vertebrae and the loss of normal position of the vertebrae.
  • Histopathology – Deals with growths on the spinal column, problems with discs, adhesions, fibrosis, and more.

For healing to be effective and complete, all 5 of these points must be treated properly and simultaneously. By treating all 5 elements your pain can be eliminated and your quality of life drastically improved.

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