Therapeutic Stretches

When your body is injured, a number of things can happen both internally and externally that can if left untreated, cause major pain. If you are injured and live in Utah, therapeutic stretches may be able to help.

For example, many injuries result in the formation of scar tissue. But did you know that scar tissue early on isn’t permanent? When you institute a regimen of stretching early on in the life of an injury, you can reduce and perhaps even prevent scar tissue formation.

If left unchecked, scar tissue can lead to adhesion formation, which could possibly permanently limit the mobility of the affected area. For this reason, we include therapeutic stretches as a part of most physical therapy sessions.

Once the rehabilitation stage of treatment is completed, maintaining a regular stretching program will help to keep tissues loose and flexible, thereby preventing the development of new injuries, increasing mobility, and decreasing the likelihood of a recurrence of pain.

Because we specialize in chiropractic services, all of our therapeutic stretches are designed with whole musculoskeletal health in mind, and will not interfere with chiropractic treatment in any way.

In addition to our chiropractic and physical therapy services, we also offer a variety of physical modalities, alternative treatment methods that go above and beyond what is typically offered.

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