Spinal Adjustment

While we offer a wide variety of chiropractic services, spinal adjustment is by far the most popular (and at the core of what a chiropractor does.

Explained simply, a spinal adjustment is a process whereby a chiropractor carefully applies pressure to parts of the spine and pelvis to correct spinal subluxations and realign the spine into the proper positions.

This adjustment is done either with the hands or with a special chiropractic tool designed specifically for this purpose. When a vertebra is even slightly out of alignment, it can lead to pain, inflammation, and could even lead to nerve irritation, making your life less than enjoyable.

Learning to safely and effectively align the spine is at the very core of a chiropractor’s education, and it takes many years of training and practice to master the skill.

“Popping your back”, or having a friend or even another doctor try to align your back could potentially cause irreparable harm, so we strongly recommend seeking professional help if you suffer from back or neck pain.

The human body, unfortunately, tends to break down over time, and the vast majority of people could benefit from a spinal adjustment. There is no minimum or the maximum number of times it needs to be done, and we recommend that you have a spinal adjustment performed as often as necessary to keep the pain at bay.

For some people that might be a few times a week. For others, a few times a year. We’re more than happy to sit down with you and determine a schedule that meets your needs.

However, in some instances, an adjustment may not be what you need. If that happens to be the case, we also have massage therapy experts on staff who can help to ease your pain and discomfort through relaxing soft tissue massages.

If you suffer from back or neck pain and live in Utah, the spinal adjustment may be just the thing for you! If you think a spinal adjustment is right for you, simply fill out the form in the upper right of the page, or call the number at the top of the page to receive a free consultation, no strings attached.

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